Thursday, August 25, 2011

Move-In update!

Sorry again for the hiatus! I'd like to announce though in my distance from the internet, we've FINALLY closed on our house yesterday! Holy paperwork! Our realtors, Paul and Debbie were shocked at the paperwork, saying things like "seems like an unusual amount...?" Haha, well since we were working with a VA Loan and received an Alaska Housing loan, we alone wiped out a small forest. So, approximately 75+ signatures later (Chris, our Escrow rep. kept count) we own our house! Well, Monday actually, when it records.

Besides unpacking and rediscovering the amount of stuff we have, I am working on swaps for this Saturday's SU Regional in Anchorage! I forgot to bring my camera to the coffee shop that I'm currently at, but if you check out pg 68 in the Idea Book at Catalog, I'm casing the little cupcake birthday card. (That'll get its own separate post as I have LOTS to say about that cupcake punch)

I'm really excited about going to my first event! I'm also a geek for things with my name on them, so imagine my excitement when I received my name badge in the mail! Teehee! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and share the fun when I get home. Speaking of which, It'll be a long day as flights to Anchorage from Fairbanks run at very inconvenient times to the event. Ah well though! More shopping for me! Wonder if I should check a bag...

Have a scrap-tastic day!!

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