Saturday, July 30, 2011

OooOohh! A surprise!

Time is truly of the essence here in my TLF (Temporary living facility) room here at Eielson AFB. We've been here almost a month and it's really wearing on me. While I like, and agree, with the more minimalist living....its getting old living out of a suitcase. (Nomads out there, you are brave) We're going on 2 1/2 months of living out of suitcases now and probably another 20 days. Ugh.  Anywho... we are purchasing a house and we (whatever you have available to cross...please do!) are trying to close August 15th. That plan was almost SEVERELY derailed when I made a call to my lender and they couldn't close the day we wanted. Needless to say...we had to start over from scratch with a new mortgage lender.  A day of frantic scanning and phone calls...we back on track, appraisal ordered, good to go. Hopefully. 

So, with a day full of hair-pulling and terror of losing the house, I was doing my blog surf seeing who was being crafty, because I can't, and I stopped by Lisa's blog Stampin, crafting, & snow, Oh My! and saw that she dedicated a "Thing of beauty award" to me! This was just the thing to cheer me up! I couldn't have needed this at a better time! (Funny, because Lisa was having the same sort of day when she received hers! The stamping angels are looking out for us!)

Here's what she said "Last, but certainly not least, Jayme of Closet Stampin', Its Not A Hidden Addiction!--Jayme and her family just transferred to Alaska and she loves it already, which is just awesome. Unfortunately she is close to 300 miles north of me :( If I remember correctly Jayme is the one who told me about the previously mentioned Christmas blog when I met her through the Friday Mashup. I might have that mixed up though because my memory stinks! LOL Anyway, she is another super talented gal whose blog I love to check out!"  Aww! Thanks!!

So now the thing to do is pay it forward! (I love that movie by the way!!) I share with 5 other bloggers and share 5 things about myself! Here goes!

About me:
1. We have lived in Alaska all of a month (almost!) and we've counted 11 moose as of today!! We saw a mother and 2 calves here on base on the way to our squadron picnic. I am blown away every time I see one!

2. I've been doing a lot of reading since not having the ability to stamp. Have fallen in love with Jennifer Weiner's books and Jodi Picoult. They can really bring a story to life! I just finished Jennifer Weiner's Fly Away Home and it was AMAZING! And so true to real events!

3. I've become obsessed with having cable again. We had AFN in England because it was free and carried all the sports Carl could watch! We've been staying up really late (again, easy when the sun is out so late!) watching HGTV, Pawn Stars, Alaska State Troopers, Tracking Big Foot (which these people are crazy-they have all this scientific knowledge, but can't find the things! lol!) Reality shows are our life. We are a one-TV household...will probably get a second one once we move into our house.

4. I will be a full-time student at University of Alaska Fairbanks in September! I'll be studying High Latitude Agriculture!

5. I play Roller Derby! I recently had the chance to guest skate with the Fairbanks Rollergirls...and it was AWESOME!! These girls were super nice and chatted me up like I've known them all my life, and gave me some new war-wounds (which I proudly showed off to Carl when getting home!) They are having try-outs soon...I'd love to skate with them!

I tried to share things I didn't before...that was difficult. Trying to get the exciting bits out there!
Now to pass this along:

~Belinda over at Studio B Designs. Belinda and I met a long time ago (07) when she was my Tupperware Director. She's awesome and really far away (in Germany!)I miss stamping and creating with her. (Some day...keep those fingers crossed)

~Darlene at darlenedesign her work is amazing!!!! I pop over to her blog from time to time to get some new tips and tricks!

~Shirley at Look at my cute stuff always has awesome creations!! I can't wait to play again on her Ala Card Monkey challenge blog!

~Jen at I Create I aspire to learn her simplicity in card making. Her cards are beau-ti-ful and always very elegant!

~ Jamie at Wanna be creative. I get a lot of neat ideas form her blog. Her and Belinda used to stamp together!

Congrats ladies, and thanks again, Lisa for brightening my day when it was so badly needed!!

Have a scrap-tastic day!!


  1. You are so very welcome, I'm glad it brightened your day!!

    Wow, a lot of stress you have going on with the house buying. I've got everything crossed for you and hope that it all goes smoothly from here on out!!

    Are the moose awesome or what? I never, ever get tired of seeing them! In the winter(because thats when they are most active in my area) I actually go stalk them in the areas where I know they hang out, just so I can take another million pics or so of them, hehehehhe :)

    I love Alaska State Troopers! I feel like I am watching my own personal episode of COPS, LOL. You should also try watching Ice Road Truckers, since a lot of those folks are based there in Fairbanks a few months out of the year!

    Roller derby??!! That is so flipping cool! You go with your bad self girl!

  2. Jayme... we have so missed you, I can't wait for you to be back in Challenge mode... lol

    I don't know how you are doing it living out of a suitcase, I was a Navy brat growing up, and we moved so much... what a pain. When my DH and I got married he was retired Navy so I did not have to do all that Moving!! yeah!

    I am crossing my fingers for you with the house and all!! You have to update us about how its going.. and the big day when you move in.

    I also want to thank you for picking my blog as one of your Favorites, it brings a big smile to my face! I am so glad that I found your blog back in February and invited you to have fun with a new Challege blog... A La Card Monkey is going strong and we are loving it. We can't wait to see you back!!!!!!

    Thanks again


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