Tuesday, February 22, 2011

8x8 Recipe Page and Acronyms galore!

I am glad to say that I've finally finished my recipe swap pages! I love papercrafting, but something about putting a page layout together freaks me out and completely stumps my brain. Since I've started making these pages,  I tried everything in my power to finish them, but suddenly so many other things became appealing. But, last night when I eagerly tried to work on my pages, I was stumped and un-crafty. I even tried to make another card...didn't work. Ugh. I'll get to that in a minute.

Here is my page!

I used Sock Monkey, Days of gratitude, crumb cake, daffodil delight and close to cocoa inks and papers. 

I know, they aren't really anything special. I am glad they are finished. I am terrible at a CAS (Clean and simple) design. I love adding all the frills and cutsies to cards, so when I make a CAS card, it looks so plain to me. Now, I can be searching for an idea on SCS or SC and think that these CAS cards are the bees knees! When I try to CASE (copy and share everything) one of these simple beauties, my brain shuts off and suddenly can't create such simplicity. It feels nice to whip a cute simple card up, but it seems so...plain?

A CAS card for my friend Jessica, who just welcomed her second child, a new baby boy!
Then again, it is the thought and the care we put into our creating, and not everyone can afford to make highly embellished cards. There is a video on SC from either convention or leadership, where the presenter describes how to get back to simple card making. She shows examples of a CAS card, then the same card with more advanced techniques. The most important point of the video was how to take into account how much you are spending while making the card. For example, you used a top note die and them dry embossed the paper. Add up the cost of the BS (Big shot) paper, embossing folder. Then you'll obviously want to stamp in different colors (stamp set(s) ink(s) etc, etc.) Anyway, it was a shocking video and how your design might be $300 card. I started hand making my cards to save from buying them, now they are ten times the price, eek!!! (don't tell my hubby!!) 

Anywho, I forgot what the point was of my rambling. Oh yeah, the recipient, whether it is a friend or family member, will enjoy a hand crafted, hand written note no matter how detailed or simple it may be. It will brighten their day regardless and may even inspire them to pass along a kind gesture as well.

I'm setting a goal. I'm going to work very diligently on making CAS cards for my next post. I actually have my eye on a one sheet stamp a stack! I'll report back with my progress. Let me know your tricks to making CAS cards in the comment field below! I look forward to your responses!


  1. Recipe Page looks great Jayme. I love sock Monkey!!!! CAS cards are difficult for me too, I love all the embellishments, glitter, textures, and ribbon...But with that said I think maybe the one thing I would say about clean and simple cards is maybe try and focus more on using your tools, like crimper, sanding blocks, mat pack to get different looks and texture to the paper? Ive seen beautiful cards that didnt involve a ton except a little bit of layering, and a good stamp set. HTH

  2. What a cute card, following from Stampin' Connection! I'm Chio, www.craftyqt.blogspot.com




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