Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm back! (again)

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Family life has taken over and leaves me little time to get crafty :(.

Here is an update on what's been happening here in the Ziemer house!

-LOTS of camping. We purchased a cab-over camper and we've really been putting that thing to good use!
-Swim, football, boyscout camp for Evan. Pretty much a lot of driving around!
-Baby girl problems: rolling, eating baby food (so far green beans and sweet potatoes have been a hit!) squawking, smiles, growing too fast in her little 4 months of life.
-ROLLER DERBY!!! I play for Fairbanks Rollergirls, and anyone who knows the life of a derby girl knows that it quickly swallows your free time!
-And few cards. I've managed to squeeze out a couple for a few events. New baby onesies, a birthday card for my mom. Oh, and lots of dreaming about cards. I have some ideas brewing! Oh, and my husband rocks for fixing a few of my punches!

And now some pics!

Sunset in Healy, AK

A camping staple

Evan had a tumble down a rock hill and have these stitches to show for it, Paxson AK.

Back yard BB shooting

Onesie card inspired by one I received by Belinda! My apologies for the terrible pic, it was a quick snap so that I could mail it immediately!

Mountains and the pipeline!
Thanks for stopping by and PROMISE I'll have some projects up soon! :)

Have a stamp-tastic day!


  1. Hi,
    I think your blog is really cute! I'm now following you from SC and hope you'll follow my blog,


  2. I love the onesie card! Such a fresh and modern card.


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