Friday, October 28, 2011

Embossing fun!

So, in totally un-stampin' related fun, I found an alternate use for my embossing gun!

Please disregard my sad state of nails!

That, my friends is Scentsy wax that was spilled all over the wall (there was a lot more!) from a number of things...the dog, kids running around, you name it, they bumped into it. A friend who sells Scentsy told me once that you can use a blow dryer and a paper towel to soak up the wax and she was right.So, after enough procrastination, I busted out my embossing gun, because I don't own a blow dryer.   Now I have a nice clean wall and moved my Scentsy warmer to a safer location!

Hopefully I have some time to make some competition cards this weekend! At least a Halloween craft or two, since I still have a few days!

Have a scrap-tastic day!

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