Thursday, April 3, 2014

Going a Little Vintage

I am a stamp hoarder. There, I said it.

Good thing for my friend Missy, who said "It's not hoarding if it has a purpose." Yes! That's why I like her! -She's a paper addict. (I wonder if I can convince her to change her derby name to that Sheza Paper Addict.) I like it.


A resolution of mine for the year is to use stamps that I have purchased and ::gasp:: used less than once. I met a lady at a stamp club I once attended and when she bought a set, she immediately made 6 cards using all of the stamps. How awesome is that? I have the habit of buying a stamp set for one image.

Having fun at last week's Create with Connie and Mary challenge, I played along for this challenge as well. I've been saying it all week, but this is the most cards I've managed to crank out in a while and it has been a blast!

How could I not play along with this layout? Quick and easy is what came to mind. So quick and easy, I was able to crank out 2 cards! I really like this simple layout. 

SU Travel Log. Yes, that is FEET of snow in the background. It's melting, don't worry!

 SU Chocolate Bunny(?) & Countless Sayings stamps.
 Cute right? And easy! My centers are 2 7/8 x 2 7/8 and layer is 3x3 if my memory is correct. I used the SU washi tapes and Bam! Done. I like this layout so much that all the rest of my cards will look like this, haha. The washi tape could easily be substituted for ribbon or scrap paper but you already thought of that...

Thanks for stopping by and have a stamptastic day!


  1. These cards are super! Washi tape works perfectly with this sketch and makes for quick cards! I just love your little details in each card! Thanks for playing the challenge at Create with Connie and Mary!

  2. Both cards are so cute and by the way, you are not the only one to purchase a set for one stamp that you fall in love with! Guilty here too! Thanks for joining the challenge this week at Create with Connie & Mary!

  3. Oh now why didn't I think to use Washi's perfect for this sketch! I love both cards. And, yes...I'm guilty of buying and not inking up stamp sets, too! Thanks for playing along with the Thursday sketch challenge this week on Create with Connie and Mary!

  4. These are awesome, Jayme! I especially love the first card, it keeps drawing me in!

    I am so with you on the hoarding....I have 452 SU sets.....I think I need an intervention LOL

  5. Isn't it a good feeling to get to create something and have it come out so well?!! Love both your cards; that chocolate bunny stamp (I still have mine!) is an all-time fave and She looks so cute with the ribbon in her hair. : ) Thanks for joining us this week for the sketch challenge at Create with Connie and Mary!

  6. Oh my word...the Washi Tape is just perfect for those stripes! BRILLIANT!!! I love BOTH of your cards...and what a great thing to do...use those stamps that haven't seen ink! Thanks for playing along this week in the Create with Connie and Mary Thursday Challenge!

  7. That bunny is one image I really miss! What a super quick card with the Washi Tape - a great make & take! Hopefully, that card is heading to a warm location! Thanks for joining us in the Sketch Challenge this week at Create with Connie and Mary!

  8. Beautiful job with both cards! I love the washi tape stripes for the backgrounds. Using theses challenges for stamps that haven't been used enough is a great idea! Thanks so much for joining us for the sketch challenge this week at Create with Connie and Mary!


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