Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another Valentine

I ventured to Michael's the other day, and boy I'm glad I did! I found a whole rack of Washi tape for 1.49! That stuff is regularly 6.29 or some craziness! This tape is really fun and you get so much of it!

While I was driving home, I had an idea for a CAS card, so here is what I came home to make.

As much as I like to embellish and make things really pretty, that takes a lot of time. This card I made in about 5 minutes. It took me more time to find my sentiment. (It is tiny and part of a set that I didn't think of.)

Anyone remember SU's Love Bots Valentines? They have been retired a few years but are still adorable! My good pal, Belinda, sent me her set after not needing them. Evan and I assembled them, added a Crunch heart, and they are on their way to school for delivery! I like fun and easy. Bonus when it is stress-free!

Hope you enjoy your Valentine's day. I'm off to buy Evan's birthday present. He turned 9 today!

Have a stamp-tastic day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pre-Valentine's Card, HSS 153

As my family and friends all well know, I have an extreme dislike for Valentine's day. Well, I have a dislike for what it has become: a consumerist nightmare. The pressure a guy must feel for this silly holiday must be a headache! Every ad on tv, radio, store, you name it, is geared toward that perfect gift/date. Not only that, the sheer amount of waste for all the garbage that is produced just to be thrown in the garbage! Ugh, what a waste.

Anyway, off my rant. I love to make Valentine's things though. Hypocrite, I suppose. I don't care I just like making pretty things. (I try not to think about them getting thrown in the trash after the holiday. I also like to think that my friends and family know better than to throw my cards away! lol)

My hubby left me to go to Guam and Australia during these cold Alaska months (lucky!) and will be missing Valentine's day. I made this cutie for him to open so he feels the love from home! He'll probably forget about it though. Sigh, I'll allow it...too much sun and salty air getting to his brain.

I love this embossing technique!

Edit: After this originally posted, I've added it to the Hand Stamped Sentiments Challenge. Here

I made another super cute Valentine's card today, but that has to wait until Thursday! 

Have a stamp-tastic day!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Keep Calm... Freshly Made Sketches 72

Today I decided to play along with the Freshly Made Sketches crew! I instantly had an idea in mind when I saw the sketch!

Here is what I came up with:

Living in England for many years, I am all too familiar with this 'Keep On...' saying. I originally had the little crown in between the text, but I thought it was too spaced out. I thought I could eyeball and leave enough space to pop up on a dimensional...nope. So, in the corner it went.

I just LOVE these new In-Colors right now! They have to be my favorite bunch yet!

Have a stamptastic day!!