Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pre-Valentine's Card, HSS 153

As my family and friends all well know, I have an extreme dislike for Valentine's day. Well, I have a dislike for what it has become: a consumerist nightmare. The pressure a guy must feel for this silly holiday must be a headache! Every ad on tv, radio, store, you name it, is geared toward that perfect gift/date. Not only that, the sheer amount of waste for all the garbage that is produced just to be thrown in the garbage! Ugh, what a waste.

Anyway, off my rant. I love to make Valentine's things though. Hypocrite, I suppose. I don't care I just like making pretty things. (I try not to think about them getting thrown in the trash after the holiday. I also like to think that my friends and family know better than to throw my cards away! lol)

My hubby left me to go to Guam and Australia during these cold Alaska months (lucky!) and will be missing Valentine's day. I made this cutie for him to open so he feels the love from home! He'll probably forget about it though. Sigh, I'll allow it...too much sun and salty air getting to his brain.

I love this embossing technique!

Edit: After this originally posted, I've added it to the Hand Stamped Sentiments Challenge. Here

I made another super cute Valentine's card today, but that has to wait until Thursday! 

Have a stamp-tastic day!!


  1. Cute card! I know your hubby will have appreciated it, that's a lotta love :) I agree with you on the Valentine's guilt trip they through. Very stressful, and it's a shame to have flowers bought that are overpriced and die too soon. Cards, however, THAT is a valued sentiment! Handmade and heartfelt, right? Thanks for playing at HSS! Erika

  2. Very Cute!!! Love the technique!!! The colors worked perfect for your card!!! Thanks for playing along with HSS, Diane

  3. What a fabulous Valentine card! I hope he remembers to open his card and send you some love! Thanks for playing with us this week at HSS.


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