Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Today had one of those starts only a mother could appreciate.  Evan's Tupperware Sandwich keeper was crushed in his lunchbox (don't ask how) and those things are pretty durable. The furniture repair person didn't show up (they claimed they called) and while cooking dinner, my favorite year old deep dish baker cracked while roasting a chicken!

But, there are ALWAYS perks! I talked to my amazing friend Belinda, who moved to Germany last summer. (we talk ALL the time...one of those friends who is always on the same wavelength. You all know what I'm talking about.)  We also received our itinerary to move to Alaska! (with a pit stop to visit friends and family along the way) And I got to be crafty while watching the Today show!  Turned out to be a pretty great day! To top things off, the t-shirt company that has been neglecting me, finally got back to me with the last purchase invoice! YAY! The final thing to check off of my PTO checklist. Hey, you gotta stay positive, right!!

Anyway, on the the card! Sorry for the terrible picture.

I thought I would visit Mojo Monday for some inspiration. I attempted to use this sketch:

Changed it a slight bit, and originally had the ribbon stripe down the side, but didn't like it, and also moved the sentiment. I love this stamp set (pedaling past from the SU Summer Mini) and always want to use it for a masculine card, but it never turns out quite right.

I really love the flower! (Thanks again, Mrs. Belinda!) It was so easy to make! Punch out four scallops in any shape, stack them and punch a whole in the center. Crunch them up in your hands like they are garbage! (recycling of course!) Then put a brad in through the whole in the center and fluff it up a bit. Cute, eh?

Have a scrap (and stamp) -tastic day!


  1. Ca-ute! I love that stamp too. It turned out great. I see all this creativity and it makes me want to get in my Studio and play a bit, but.....It will have to wait until tomorrow :)

    Heres looking at you kid!

  2. Cute card, I have this stamp set too.. but I have never used the scallop stamp before, you did a great job with it. There is a girl that does the Friday Mashup all the time that lives in Houston Alaska.. is that anywhere near Fairbanks... I wonder??


  3. I just google maped it.. 5 hours apart. That is one big State!!

  4. It is! I think she is closer to Anchorage, where we are closer to, eh... polar bears! haha. Its 8 hours between Fairbanks and Anchorage. Thanks for the comments! It was the first time I ever used it as well!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I’m your newest follower from SC - #367 Kendra Richardson.
    You can find me @ www.kendrascorner.blogspot.com


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