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Monkey Card

Haha, so after the penguin challenge at Friday Mashup, I was determined to make a monkey card for my son. After many trials and tribulations, here's what I came up with!

Haha!!! Isn't he something??? It took me a LONG time to finally execute this cutie. I had the picture of what I wanted to do in my head, but had a really hard time putting it on paper. But, I am satisfied with him and Evan thought it "butt" side was hysterical!!

Happy 8th birthday, Evan! Enjoy your loot!

Happy birthday to Evan...oh, and valentines day. FM45!

Hey there all! First of all, HAPPY 8th birthday to my wonderful son, Evan! Time truly flies! He'll be a teen (eek!) before we know it! Happy Valentine's day to all of you cupid lovers out there as well. Hopefully your cupid got you something thoughtful.

 I made these little cutsies for my fellas. Nothing too crazy, but Evan will be getting spoiled after school with the heap of gifts from family (its like christmas over here!) and Carl and I don't do too much to celebrate...everyday is valentines up in here, LOL! Inside of the sour cream wrappers (as Belinda calls them, my hubby says they are fruit popsicle wrappers) has some candy. Reese's Pieces for the hubby (and left a note saying I love him to pieces in his lunch) and two push pop candies for Evan.

 On with it, you say! Its been a while, but I saw the Friday Mashup's cutie patootie challenge, and had to play along! Who doesn't love PENGUINS????
So here is the "Mashup" Challenge : Make a projectusing…