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HOT dog!

Hey friends!

Holy cow, it is HOT in Interior Alaska right now. Skortching. We've been in the 80's and its literally killing us.

I know what you're thinking, "really? 80's is nothing!" haha. Well, for a place that doesn't believe in AC and it feels like the sun is inches from your skin, it's hot. We can handle the -40's no prob, but anything over 75 and we're whining like a bunch of babies.


Anywho, my son is in wrestling camp this week and I think I've driven to Fairbanks 1000 times in the last 7 days (typically I don't mind driving to FBX and back, but 3 times a day is getting a bit much). I've been trying to stay in town occupying the time outdoors with my 4 year old to reduce driving back and forth. Because of that, there has been little time on the computer, so I apologize for being a day late in posting my TSOT designer card.

The sketch theme is "The wonder around us"

Here's mine!

Typically I don't deviate f…