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Merry Christmas

I'm on Santa's crafty naughty list this year!  :(

School has kept me busier than I'd like, although getting that education is worth it in someone's mind! LOL. I love going to school and learning, it just really takes time away from things I'd rather be doing instead of boring lectures. But, good thing I'm off until January 18th! (Then it all starts again!)

So while I'm off, I hope to get some crafts and posts in! Yay! Starting with that Clearance Rack Blitz! OMG can I say! I know this is a good sale to our customers, but I am my own best customer, so I went ahead and took full advantage. I loaded up on punches (that I should have in my arsenal by now) and buttons galore! It was a fantastic sale and ended up really saving a lot of money! Even if I ordered 3 punches I already had...but, a quick inventory list and that shouldn't happen again.

Although I was home when FedEx supposedly went to the wrong address! Luckily my kind neighbors bro…