Thursday, May 26, 2011


While I was in Germany visiting Belinda's Studio B in April, we were researching high and low to find crafty things to make, and we found this handy organizer! Now, all that I can tell you is we got the video from Dawn's Stampin' Thoughts BUT....I can't remember what this is called to direct you to the video!! I know, this move has frazzled my brain to no end! But, no fear, I will locate it and then update for all of you!

The inside. The Envelopes are the folders! Neat!

You can barely see the Versa Marked design behind the 'Bliss.'
It turned out soo pretty once we were finished! I'll be making some of these to gift I think! What a cute organizer!

Have a scrap-tastic day!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Almost Alaska time!!

So sorry for the lack of posts! Like I've mentioned before, we are a military family so we move often. Finally after 6 long years, its time to head back to America!! Its so real now that the movers came, packed, and loaded the trucks.

I watched my crafty fun things get boxed into little cardboard prisons. (If you listen carefully, you can hear them yelling for their freedom.) :( So, that said I won't be making anything new until mid-July :(. But, still have loads of things that I haven't posted, so I'm going to try and stretch them until I get my things back.
That was the very first crate all sealed up...5 more followed! eek!

I went to Las Vegas, NV. for the first time May 5-9th for one of my bestest friends wedding. Yes, indeed it was a planned LV wedding and I got to be a bridesmaid! It was beautiful and well worth the long flight from London!

Here is the card I made for her. It was a case from Connie Hagenow on Stampin' Connection! 

I used a texturz plate for the background, Punch Bunch for the hearts, the big ol' scallop punch, and the Occasional Quotes stamp set for the sentiment. I also heat embossed the images on the hearts with a black sparkly powder that I picked up locally and the Iridescent Ice SU embossing powder. Oh, and Elegant Eggplant ink for the sentiment as well. If you look closely, you can see I used Iridescent Ice on the Love as well to make it pop! She loved it!

Thanks for the patience as we move to our new home!! Have a scrap-tastic day for me!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding!

So here I was all geared up to really hammer down some posts this week. I looked up challenges, made a few cards and then got swept away doing other things. Sorry about that. Our current PTO has very few active volunteers, and as president I feel I have to be at our events. That's just part of my duties! So, needless to say, I wasn't able to post my cards on time and on and on...

So, lets start with Friday and then I'll post what I did earlier in week. We all know what Friday, April 29th was..... Will and Kate's Royal wedding!!  Living here in England, we had to partake! (no, not going to the wedding, although I know loads who went) Kathy's card swap was a Royal wedding party as well!! Its a whole different vibe here in the UK about the wedding. I think it was a nice break from all the terrible things going on in the news. It also sorta unified the country for just a few hours and it was real happiness.  See below for the pics. (I realize I didn't get good pics of what we made, but were real simple picture frames...Kathy knew we really wanted to watch the TV instead of craft this time!)

Competition Cards (mine is the brown one in the center)

Craftiness at work
Swap card table

Me with a was yummy!
My craftiness spot under my Dew :)

Lisa's last club, so Kathy made got her a Keep Calm and Carry On cake
The procession

Union Jacks hanging proudly

The Sun from the wedding day
And balcony shots!

Pure happiness!

 I didn't realize until I got home and the wedding highlights were on, that I missed them driving away in the Aston martin! How awesome is that. They are truely their own couple and had to have a few things their way!

Hope you enjoyed today, the next post will be projects, I promise!! Have a scrap-tastic day!!